Get fit with the Verado One Mile Loop

It’s easy to find excuses to avoid exercising, especially this time of year. I have plenty of them and personally can’t wait for the shorter days and longer nights to catch up on reading and rearranging family photos. But working at Verado has opened my eyes to a challenging option that is hard to pass up, even as the temperatures drop.

Aerial view of the Verado one mile loop.

There is a neighborhood one mile loop that is literally footsteps away, with only a few intersection crossovers, and avoids Ustick Road altogether.
Verado offers a 10 foot wide paved pathway that runs along the southern border of the neighborhood. It is ideal for bicyclists, walkers and runners alike. This pathway is part of the City of Meridian’s South Slough Pathway, with a vision to eventually curve south through Chamberlain Estates and connect to Locust Grove Road. 
Currently though, this paved section is under 1/2 mile in distance before transitioning to a brief undeveloped section that funnels to Chamberlain Estates for one block before re-entering Verado in phase 4. From there, it’s easy to use the interior sidewalks and streets, looping back to your starting point. 
If you live in Verado, this loop provides easy accessibility with virtually no commute, so if you’re pressed for time, you can fit a walk, stroll or run into your schedule conveniently. It’s easy to measure your distance, and feel good about staying active and healthy all year long. 

Screenshot of Verado one mile loop with MapMyRun app (walking pace).

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